How do I know how much it will cost?

Check our pricing page for details on cost per image. If you have a wide mix of material types or specific needs for getting images online or in print you can call us or send us the materials for a customized quote.


How do I know what the end product will look like?

For a detailed sample packet, contact our sales team using the contact us page. We will also do free samples for our potential customers. Just ship us a few photos, and we will quickly respond with digital versions to demonstrate our quality abilities. 


Why should I use instead of other web sites or local services?

Our team has years of experience with digitization services. We started this business because we were disappointed in the prices others were offering while using technology from 10 years ago. We believe in making the quality previously only accessible to our government agencies and ivy league universities available to the general public. We stand by our product.


Why do I need to scan them? Can't I just take pictures of them with my iPhone?

All kinds of gadgets have been made to try and cover this market. They are fun to use and may work for sharing tiny, low resolution images across social media. The unfortunate truth is that your old photo albums used acidic paper and glues that damage your prints over time. Our family photos, especially those from the 50's and 60's, are quickly fading. These need to be professionally scanned with the best equipment possible today, for they may not be around in 10 to 20 years to try again.


How do I get my materials to you?

You can send physical materials any way you wish. We prefer them to be packed in flat-rate USPS boxes, even if materials must be broken into multiple packages. Using this standardized shipping method reduces the risk of the materials being lost or misplaced by the USPS. We also support the use of FedEx and UPS. For jobs over $250.00, return shipping charges up to $22.60 will be covered by us. We insure all outgoing shipments and encourage our customers to do the same.


How long will it take?

For the time being, we are a small team under high demand. We have had great success in getting jobs done in less than 30 days. We often deliver on much shorter turnaround than this 30 day promise. If a customer has the need for expedited delivery, that can be discussed on a case by case basis.


Do I need to organize my collection before sending it?

No. You can simply box up all your materials and send them our way. We encourage customers to try and pack-down their materials as much as possible to reduce shipping charges. We do have an added per image fee to take slides or film out of any plastic envelope/3 ring binder sleeves. This process can be incredibly time consuming. If this is not an option for you, please contact our team and we will get you a custom quote for this service.


Can you add metadata to images?

Yes. We can add basic EXIF tags to images. Please contact our sales team for more information about metadata practices and prices.


At what resolution will my items be scanned?

The highest possible. Every time. We do not believe in low quality scans. Our competitors use outdated equipment which gets increasingly difficult and time consuming as the quality demand increases. Using the industry’s highest quality CCD cameras, we capture data in the time it takes to snap a finger...just like a wedding photographer. Whenever possible, we do not to use flatbed scanners. This takes 1/1000 the amount of time! This allows us to produce images at the highest possible quality with no significant increase in time (which leads to increases in cost!). You will never get up-charged for high resolution. This also means you will not get a discount for low resolution. Sorry!


Will I be able to view my images right away?

Within days of scanning, we will post a low quality version online for you to view. This is how we demonstrate the quality ability, the naming of the images, and the organizational structure we will use. We will deliver a sample within a few days of receiving the material, and continue to update this special web gallery until the project is complete. Once complete and approved, you will receive the digital assets in the mail and the gallery will go off-line. If desired, the team at can create a web gallery for you. For more information on this service, check our pricing page.


How do I know how much it will cost?

Please check our pricing page. If you do not know how many items you have, we can operate using a “do-not-exceed” amount. With this method, we will scan the materials in order received until the cap has been met, then communicate directly with the customer on how to proceed. Have a lot of material? Not a problem. Contact us directly and we can asses the physical material and submit a custom quote before starting the project.


Will you “touch-up” my photos?

The short answer is “no”. Our team features some of the most talented imaging technicians in the world with decades of experience in photoshop. Our objective is to digitize as much of your collection as possible, offering you the opportunity to capture and share your family’s cherished moments. We do pay extremely close attention to the presence of dust in our environment, but cannot guarantee perfection. We have a diligent QC team on the lookout for hairs and dust but every once in awhile, one will get past our processes. We do offer rescan services free of charge. Find any problems with your images and we will retouch or rescan them free of charge. We cannot restore images with significant amounts of physical damage or scratches.

    For very specific post-processing needs, such as instagram-like filters, please contact our team direct and we will be happy to provide you with samples and pricing quotes.